What is Synthetic Age?

Synthetic Age is a real-time strategy game with a focus on tactical team play.  Through the strategic construction of buildings and by using an adaptable research and technology system players can control the fate of their teams while an A.I. controls their troops. Synthetic Age takes the spotlight away from usual micromanagement concepts and instead draws full attention to the tactical decisions between the rival parties of the game. In addition to that the adaptable research system allows the players to allocate tasks and responsibilities within their teams, which is completely unique to the genre. The combination of these elements offers a new experience in strategic team game play.

Every player rises up a customized army by placing production sites on just the right spot and upgrading them. The produced units will automatically move towards the enemy base to destroy it. Since all units will use pre-defined paths to get there, they will have the possibility to conquer checkpoints which will grant the player additional resources and team advantages. This only sums up the main elements of the game. Sabotage of hostile units and enemy buildings, increasing your defense or team resources – all these elements are just some of the numerous ways to support your team.

Synthetic Age connects different genres and well-established (yet uncommonly used) game mechanics to create a unique game experience. An extensive research system as well as numerous buildings and units create vast tactical possibilities. Every unit type also obtains diverse optical upgrades. This makes for numerous unit constellations that give players the opportunity to customize troops according to their style of playing. In addition to that, customizable GUI’s and main buildings create a personalized gaming atmosphere.


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